Magdalene Journeys in Southern France
Magdalene Journeys in Southern France

Nancy Safford
NANCY SAFFORD is an author, with her new book titled, A Magdalene Awakens: Hidden Temple Secrets. She has been a photojournalist and directed her own research institute that pioneered bringing holography (the 3-D image) into New York State schools as an interdisciplinary approach to education.

Nancy has been a professional guide, helping people experience the Red Rock vortices of Sedona, Arizona since 1996, and facilitating women's circles as an ordained Priestess of the Mary Magdalene Mysteries, since that time. She guides people on pilgrimages to sacred sites both in southern France, as a bilingual guide, as well as in Sedona so people can experience a more conscious, authentic relationship with their true inner spirit, their male-female selves, that can affect their relationship with the outer world.

People are transformed by the distinct qualities of each magical place: a timeless grotto or thermal spring once dedicated to the Goddess in France, a highly situated French Cathar Castle imbued with mysteries of the Holy Grail or the breathtaking Sedona Red Rocks, carved millions of years past from oceans that have come and gone.

In fact Nancy was called to explore the mystical Languedoc in southern France, to expand her own consciousness from the ancient legacies hidden in the land. Her primary focus was on Mary Magdalene who is closely aligned with these mysteries and whose essence and memory were left there thousands of years ago when she walked and taught.

Nancy is a Shamanic healing practitioner, a clairvoyant reader and offers past life regression and personalized ceremonies, including the medicine wheel from Native American traditions. She offers several different types of sessions, which include shamanic "soul retrieval" to help people integrate lost parts of their soul for a greater sense of presence and wholeness in their lives, past life regression to help people connect with and remember significant past lives that might help understand a present life situation, and Nancy does clairvoyant readings to offer a new perspective on a person's life, that might include information on their life purpose.

Nancy will soon be displaying and publishing separately, the ancient temple tablets of symbols from her new book, that were hidden long ago. They were revealed to Nancy in France and she would like to reveal them now for all the world to see. They offer all people an experience of ascension, which might even touch on experiences of immortality.

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