2012 Schedule

Magdalene Journeys in Southern France
with Nancy Safford & Friends

October 5 - 15, 2012
Awaken the Holy Grail in your Heart

Walk the Land of the Magdalene, Receive Wisdom From the Waters,
Find Your Divine Source

Facilitated by Nancy Safford
Special presentation by Henry Lincoln author Holy Blood, Holy Grail


Please join me on this eleven day expansive journey, for men and women, into the magical lands of southern France to experience the many places our ancestors identified with the Holy Grail mysteries, hundreds of years ago. It is here where Magdalene walked and taught, where the Templars
built fortresses to guard their secrets and treasures, where legendary Grail Castles still stand and Castles where the Cathars lived and practiced the true teachings of Jesus. It is here that long lineages of Priestesses celebrated the sacredness of the Earth and ceremonially honored the connection points between the Earth and the Heavens, where the consciousness of the Cosmos, was known to come down to meet that of the Earth, marking “wombs of creation”, Earth’s own Holy Grail.

For more information, please contact Nancy:
info@nancysafford.net • Phone 928-204-5753 • Cell 928-300-1293

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Contact Nancy
Cell: 928-300-1293
When in France: 06 72 57 33 24

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