2013 Schedule
Magdalene & Holy Grail Journeys in Southern France
with Nancy Safford & Friends

Sept. 25 - Oct. 4, 2013

Doorways Into Other Dimensions

A Phenomenal Journey to the Portals
of Southern France

You are invited to experience the deepest of mysteries, touch the most sacred ground and renew your spirit in mystic France.

Spend ten incredible days immersed in the mystery and energy of this land of secrets and its portals.

For more information, please contact Nancy:
nativeshawl@yahoo.com • Cell 928-300-1293

Additional Journeys and Details to Come - please check back soon!

Nancy is now offering an opportunity for
Privately Designed Journeys for Individuals and/or Small Groups

Visit Nancy's Archive of Previous Journeys

Nancy Safford
Nancy is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with the wisdom and the knowing of their heart, their true soul essence, to have a more direct understanding of their purpose on the planet.

She is an author and visionary, an intuitive counselor and reader, an ordained Priestess of the Isis and Magdalene Mysteries, facilitating others to wake up to their soul-self.

She has been a Shamanic practitioner using and teaching ancient “core” shamanic healing techniques, which include shamanic journeying to meet inner guides and teachers who can be allies for a lifetime. She offers soul retrieval to help people integrate lost parts of their soul so they may feel a greater sense of wholeness and presence in their lives. Nancy guides people to connect with the spirits of nature, to understand their ancestral relations with the inner worlds, and teaches techniques of Celtic Shamanism for more than 14 years, the same time she has been a professional guide in Sedona.

Nancy facilitates people’s journeys by offering personal retreats and sessions, ceremonies and initiations, medicine wheel teachings and vortex tours (in Sedona), as well as vision quests, women’s sacred ceremonies and Priest/Priestess activations and teachings

She has designed and lead more than 18 (mostly group but also some private) sacred Holy Grail and Magdalene journeys and pilgrimages to ancient, magical places in southern France that also explore the Knights Templar and Cathar mysteries. She is a member of the French Knights Templar Order (OSMTH) and lives in France part of the time.

Each choice I made in my own life’s journey, has guided me to meet and learn from great masters, who offered teachings that have helped me to experience a depth of compassion that has awakened the wisdom in my heart, which is why I offer the same to others, in the purest, most sacred ways possible..

Nancy’s earlier career as a photojournalist, took her to France to live, which gave her many insights about the basics from which we all evolved. She spent several years documenting and living closely with the French peasants who farmed their land with oxen, still living in simple, traditional ways. She learned about the rhythmic, seasonal planting cycles on the land and about the love that was once exchanged between the peasant farmers and the earth as they nurtured and nourished one another. The men and women shared the same work in the fields. Nancy’s close relationship with them, deepened her awareness of the basic essence of all life, and she gained a profound understanding of the French soul. This experience has enriched her own background in leading others on their own life-changing journeys.

Contact Nancy
Cell: 928-300-1293
When in France: 06 72 57 33 24

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