2016 Schedule
Magdalene & Holy Grail Journeys in Southern France
with Nancy Safford & Friends

June 15-25, 2015


May 26 – June 5, 2016

Magdalene Journeys Southern FranceWalk with me into this mystical land of unparalleled beauty in southern France, where legacies of our ancestors are still rich with intrigue and truth in the Rennes Le Chateau area of the Languedoc, where seen and unseen Temples still mark the portals of light and consciousness that come down from the Heavens to meet the Earth, once honored by Mary Magdalene, the Cathars and Knights Templar and whose wisdom is ready to be awakened and known again.


Facilitated by Nancy Safford

For more details contact: nativeshawl@yahoo.com Cell 928-300-1293

Additional Journeys and Details to Come - please check back soon!

Nancy is now offering an opportunity for
Privately Designed Journeys for Individuals and/or Small Groups

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Nancy Safford
Nancy Safford is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with their soul essence and Divine purpose on the planet. She is an author, visionary, clairvoyant reader and a Shamanic healing practitioner, facilitating men and women to awaken to their inner dynamic, their Priest/Priestess or God/Goddess selves, to embrace a more conscious, authentic relationship in their lives. Nancy has been facilitating women’s circles and guiding men and women on pilgrimages to sacred sites both in southern France, as well as in Sedona, Arizona, since 1996, as a professional guide. She invites each to connect to their own inner wisdom by direct experiences.

She assists people to connect more deeply with the elements of nature during personalized retreats, tours and individual ceremonies. While visiting places of great stillness and beauty, people have been transformed after quiet moments or days of surrender. Many experience a more peaceful sense of themselves - and the universe - from the distinct qualities of each magical place: a timeless grotto or thermal spring once dedicated to the Goddess in France, a highly situated French Cathar Castle imbued with mysteries of the Holy Grail, or the breathtaking Sedona Red Rocks, carved millions of years past from oceans that have come and gone.

Nancy introduces shamanic journeying to people so they have their own “tools” to establish lasting connections with inner spirit guides who can be allies for a lifetime. She helps people to integrate lost parts of their soul, by doing “soul retrievals”, so they may experience a greater sense of presence and wholeness in their lives.

As people notice their outer experience of life, and can observe their male-female relationship within, they understand more clearly any disharmony, to then invite a more joyful, expanded expression of love and loving into their lives - as within, so without.

Nancy’s earlier career as a photojournalist, took her to France to live, which gave her many insights about the basics from which we all evolved. She spent several years documenting and living closely with the French peasants who farmed their land with oxen, still living in simple, traditional ways. She learned about the rhythmic, seasonal planting cycles on the land and about the love that was once exchanged between the peasant farmers and the earth as they nurtured and nourished one another. The men and women shared the same work in the fields. Nancy’s close relationship with them, deepened her awareness of the basic essence of all life, and she gained a profound understanding. This experience has enriched her own background in leading others on their own life changing journeys.

Nancy’s call to explore the mystical Languedoc, was to expand her own consciousness from the wisdom hidden in the land with the primary focus – not only on the Holy Grail Mysteries - but on Mary Magdalene, who is closely aligned with these mysteries and whose essence and memory were planted here long ago, when she walked and taught in communion with the All. Nancy welcomes each of you to join her on any of her group journeys offered this year and she also offers private journeys, for those interested.

Nancy is a Priestess of the Magdalene and Isis Mysteries, a founding member of the Sacred Order of the Venus Templars, and a member of the French Knights Templar Order (OSMTH).

Contact Nancy
Cell: 928-300-1293

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